Terms of use

Privacy policy

What information is subject to collection:

Only the data providing a possibility of support of feedback with the user are subject to collection.

Some actions of users automatically remain in databases of the server:

- IP address;

- data on browser type, superstructures, request time, etc.

As the acquired information is used

The information provided by the user is used for communication with him or her, including for the direction of notifications on change of the status of request.

Management of personal data

Personal data are available to viewing, change and removal in a personal account of the user.

For the purpose of prevention of accidental removal or damage of data information is stored in backup copies within 7 days and can be recovered at the request of the user.

Provision of data to the third parties

Personal data of users can be transferred to the persons which aren't connected with this website if it is necessary:

- for compliance with law,

- regulatory legal act,

- judgment executions;

- for identification or hindrance to a fraud;

- for elimination of technical defects in work of the website;

- for provision of information based on a request of authorized state bodies.

In case of sale of this website users shall be notified on it not later than 10 days before transaction.

Data security

The administration of the website takes all measures for protection of user data from unauthorized access, in particular:

- regular updating of services and management systems website and its content;

- encryption of archive copies of a resource;

- regular checks regarding availability of malicious codes;

- use for placement of the website of the virtual dedicated server.

Property rights

News, analysis, signals, insides, opinions, updates and the all other content that is shared on our channels and other resources are the intellectual property of the SkyRock Signals and are protected by an applicable author's right, provisions of international treaties and other applicable legislation of the country in which the content is used.

Subscription for the content do not give you any rights, including author's rights on the content. All rights, trade secrets, trademarks and other intellectual property rights belong to SkyRock Signals.


You have no right to copy or use the content or documentation. You have no right to make the following actions or to resolve the third parties their accomplishment:

(i) You can not publish, resell, extend, dispatch, transfer, move, pledge or grant any SkyRock Signals content and also to levy a payment for its use, to provide to it access or to make its sublicensing

(ii) You can not provide to the third parties access to the content or share it to other devices or accounts

(iii) You can not use any content for provision or creation of a product which can be assessed as a competitor to SkyRock Signals.

(iv) You can not publish content of SkyRock Signals on behalf of your name.

(v) You can not forward, repost, copy, modify, share or use any kind of such activities in relation to the content of SkyRock Signals.

Limitation of liability

Information collected from all our resources and our traders is given only in the informative purposes. We don't bear responsibility and directly we refuse to take any liability for losses or damages of any sort, arising of using any information containing in our Channel SkyRock Premium Signals or SkyRock Signals.

The only guarantee which we are ready to provide — we will make the maximum efforts to provide you with the top quality information. All described services and information were received from the sources which are considered to be reliable.

Using this information and services, you agree that SkyRock Signals doesn't bear responsibility to any physical person or legal entity for the losses or damage suffered in parts or in full as a result of use of this information or services under any circumstance