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Trust portfolio management by SkyRock Signals
Trust management mode allows people with very limited knowledge of advanced marketing analysis methods and techniques to trade and invest at cryptocurrency exchange platforms. In other words, you don’t need to follow the fluctuation of the market to make money with cryptocurrency
Trading Instruments
Lifetime of Transactions
Manual strategy
Indicators are not used in principle, trading is based on the most reliable candlestick patterns.
Trading Instruments
Top 10 cryptocurrencies by capitalization (BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, etc.), which provides the best liquidity. translations
Lifetime of Transactions
Intraday trading (intraday), the most accurate accounting of the price dynamics of the instrument.
Automatic strategy
Multilayer filter of indicators coupled with the author's principle of entry and exit from a position.
Trading Instruments
Almost all instruments listed on Binance Futures (over 40).
Lifetime of Transactions
Medium and long-term trading, the life of the transaction is from days to several months.
What are the similarities?
Hard stop loss (not moved, not deleted, always present)
Wide diversification through a portfolio of trading instruments
Unlimited profit
  • You trust the trading of your funds to our professional traders through API keys (without the ability to withdraw funds)
  • All funds remain in your Binance account
  • You retain full and exclusive control over your funds
  • Our traders make trading operations on your account in full accordance with the chosen risk management model and expected profit
You don't pay anything if by the end of the month no profit
You have full control over your means
Restricted Trading losses (Stop-Loss)
24 hour access for transparent trade
Our principles

Availability of Stop-Loss

We guarantee that no positions will be opened on your account without a protective stop order

Save and not lose

The most important rule regarding your funds is to save and not lose, and only then - increase and increase


We commit ourselves to choose only the best market entries and implement these transactions on your accounts.


From 10 000 USDT

Profit commission

From 30 000 USDT

Profit commission

From 70 000 USDT

Profit commission

From 150 000 USDT

Profit commission
The investment period is 1 month. All payments according to the offer are made at the end of the calendar month and no later than the 1st day of the new month. For investors cooperating with SkyRock Signals Trust Portfolio for more than 3 months, a system of bonuses is implied: an offer reduction of 0.5% every month over the next year.
We are SkyRock Signals

To connect Portfolio Management write to us

About us
- Launch our public telegram channel for manual trading on Binance
- Creating a website with a personal account and a subscription to receive signals
- Begin broadcasting signals on the BitMEX exchange (in addition to Binance)
- First public trading algorithm on TradingView
- Starting SkyRock Signals private trading room
- Launch of SkyRock Signals portfolio management - a trust management service on the Binance exchange
- Introducing our first trading Bot using Scalping strategy
- Launch of SkyRock Signals QFL strategy - a trust management service on Binance 
- Launching an automated trading strategy on Binance using SmartTrade strategy
- Launch ATR strategy on Binance 
- Start accepting deposits in BTC and ETH
- Launch of public SkyRock Signals portfolio management and lowering the minimum investment 

Who can invest in SkyRock Signals Trust Portfolio?

Any person, who is a cryptocurrency holder or would like to become one. Do you like Bitcoin (BTC)? Do you believe in Ethereum (ETH)? Are you high on Litecoin (LTC) or Ripple (XRP) potential? Are you nuts about EOS?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, we’ll be waiting for you!

Who trades in SkyRock Signals Trust Portfolio?

Our traders are the main professionals in the area, that have deeply learned the peculiarities and finer points of Binance exchange platform. Having many years of experience in crypto trading, they can make a profit from 11 to 12 months annually. Among the advantages, that differ us and our traders from others, are transparent trading process, independent profit tracking, free access to transaction reports, monthly results reports and open communication with investors.

How does Copy Trading work

It has become easier and safer to invest in cryptocurrencies. You create API keys on your account (our experts will help you do this if you need) and give them to us. The trader doesn’t have access to your account, he can only conduct transactions. The money remains on your account and isn’t transferred anywhere. You don’t need to send your bitcoins or other altcoins to anyone and you fully control them.

How to allocate income

You pay commission to SkyRock Signals Trust Portfolio only if the month was profitable. Investors don’t make any other payments, as transaction and processing fees usually don’t apply. The more you invest the lower fee is asked by SkyRock Signals Trust Portfolio. Therefore, all parties are interested in making maximum profit, maximum data, and finance safety, long term cooperation and so on.

You can profit from cryptocurrency investment ever without deposits!

If you don’t have the opportunity to become an investor of SkyRock Signals Trust Portfolio, you can always become our partner!

A partner is a person who entices investors and earns from SkyRock Signals Trust Portfolio payoffs. In this case, you can entice any number of investors and earn more than each of them individually. The investor you have brought once is linked to you as a partner for life and allows you to receive recurring revenue from cryptocurrency without making deposits.

Benefits of our SkyRock Signals Trust Portfolio

  • The only real trading and earning service on the Internet
  • Margin trading (trading using borrowed funds from a broker) on cryptocurrency, futures contracts (timed and termless), derivatives
  • You can hold assets in bitcoin (BTC) and stablecoin (USDT – Tether), which will help to reduce portfolio investment risks
  • The trading results are available to the investor directly on his account 24/7, as well as to everyone interested in our monitoring
  • We don’t take ownership of your money. We trade on your behalf using API keys, which provides security, transparency, and safety of funds
  • We always set a stop-loss. Investor’s loss is impossible due to a balanced loss control system
  • Intelligent money management (capital management)
  • The investor’s choice of any risk-management model. This means, that you can choose the most convenient trading model with increasing or decreasing trading risk, and our traders will follow it
  • Strategic portfolio with a large number of trading instruments and wide opportunities for diversification
  • Trading at the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms: